Overseas Research Grant Program

For Applicants in Indonesia

1. Criteria for Applicants who can apply

Kurita Water and Environment Foundation (KWEF) supports scientists of Asian nationality who are conducting research in their own countries with following criteria.
1) The applicant must reside in Indonesia.
2) The applicant must conduct research at university, college, or associated institute in Indonesia (except private sectors) and should be master’s degree candidate or higher.
3) The applicant should be under 40 years of age or fresh graduate not more than 3 years after the graduation of PhD program or master program.

2. Application period

From April 1st, 2019 to May 15th, 2019 (JAPAN standard time)

3. Selection

Proposals from applicants will be evaluated by the Indonesia national selection committee where Prof. Tjandra Setiadi, Institut Teknologi Bandung, is the chairperson. After reviewed by the KWEF selection committee the adoption proposal will be approved by the KWEF Board of Directors. The President of KWEF will inform of the board's decision to each applicant by the end of August by letter.

4. Obligations of the Grant Recipients

1) Submission of reports
a. Research report
Grant recipients must submit a summary report in English on the results of their research to the President of KWEF by October 31st, 2020. This report should consist of two or three pages (A4 size) description of the results obtained to date, along with any necessary supplementary materials.
b. Expense Report
Grant recipients must also submit an expense report issued by his or her institution in English to the President of KWEF by October 31st, 2020. This report should consist of an itemized list of expenses paid with the grant money and those receipts.
c. Acknowledgment
Grant recipients must include an acknowledgment of grant support such as: “This research was supported in full or in part with Kurita Asia Research Grant (grant number) provided by Kurita Water and Environment Foundation.” Copies of research paper published should be sent to the KWEF.
2) Participation in events
Grant recipients shall attend an awarding ceremony and opportunities for presenting research activities/outcomes in Indonesia which are under planning. Details will be notified separately

5. Important Notices

1) Handling of information on adopted research
a. KWEF will publish the name of the grant recipient, institution and research theme on KWEF website.
b. KWEF will send the research report submitted to person who requests unless the grant recipient does not agree to disclose.
2) Changes and discontinuation of adopted research
When grant recipients try to change adopted research program significantly, they must submit a following report to the President of Foundation in advance and get his approval.
a. When grant recipients try to change the research content.
  Contents to be changed, reason, expenditure plan
b. When grant recipients try to discontinue the research adopted.
3) Revocation, refund of research grant
For following cases KWEF will withdraw the adoption of a grant, and/ or request a refund of the grant money.
a. When a grant recipient discontinued the research program adopted.
b. When a grant recipient changed the adopted research program significantly without getting an approval from the President of KWEF by submitting a report in advance.
c. When a grant recipient does not fulfill his or her obligation as a grantee such as submission of the research report and the accounting report properly.
d. When the grant money remains at the end of the research period (September 30th, 2020).

Applicants who meet and accept all above conditions;
Download the Application Form from the bottom of this page, complete it and send it by E-mail (← click here for E-mail address) in both Excel format (for data acquisition) and PDF format.

Application period for Indonesia: From April 1st, 2019 to May 15th, 2019 (JAPAN standard time)

* Incomplete applications will not be accepted.
* Applications submitted before or after the application period will not be accepted.
* Applications once submitted cannot be replaced.

* When your application form arrives to KWEF, we wil send you a reply mail..
* We will be closed from April 27 to May 6, 2019 due to the national holidays accompanyng  Japanese imperial succession.

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